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Jigsaw Puzzle Topics

Here are some popular topics and some suggested puzzles for each topic. If you have something in mind you can always search for it.

Nature and Animals
Sunset Valley
Satellite Image of Northern Lights on the Horizon
Alpine Lake
Earth from Space
Winter Grove
Litter in Swamp
Natural Landscapes
Autumn Forest
Desert Silhouette
Sand Dune
Ranch Land
Dry Brush
Dandelion Seeds
Sand Ripples
World Landmarks
Pagoda and Dragon Snow Mountain
Building Reflections
Balstad Harbor
Fountain Detail
Glacier Bay, Alaska
Venice, Italy
Swiss Building
Mark Twain's Boyhood House

Urban Scenes
Brick Street Detail
Spider Web
Dancers In Pink Between The Scenes
Fresh Landscape
Aerial View of a Neighborhood
Aerial View of Skyscrapers
Three Dancers Behind The Scenes
Fine Art
Mt. Hood Oregon
Woman With Lilacs
The Countess De Montholon
Woman with Blue Eyes
Jane Avril Dances
Maternal Admiration
The Miracle Of St. Francis Xavier
Culture and Objects
Makeup and Brushes
Baby Doll's Head
Skyline with Moon
Mechanical Pencils
Il Duomo
Tennis Shoes
Fortune Cookie

Music and Instruments
Guitar Strings and Pick
Closeup of Strings
Closeup of Violin
Bongo Drums
Electric Guitar and Blurred Fingers
Closeup of Drumhead
Girl at Piano
Space and Astronomy
Stellar Image
Solar Flare
Space Shuttle Columbia Launch
Stars in Space
Dust Plume over the Red Sea
Comet Colliding into Jupiter
Saturn's Rings
Satellite Image of Rivers on Earth
People and Holidays
Mother and Son at Christmas
Happy Audience
Blur of Traffic Congestion
Kids in Nut Car and Strange Beast
Kids Wash Clothes in River
Courtly Love
flowers in Chicago garden
The Young King

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