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Jigsaw Puzzle Topics

Here are some popular topics and some suggested puzzles for each topic. If you have something in mind you can always search for it.

Nature and Animals
River Peaks
Lava Bed
Mountain in Yellowstone National Park
Stone Land
Cacti as the Sun Goes Down
Hermit Crab
Sheep in a Pasture
Natural Landscapes
Tuscany,Italy - Facade surrounded by clouds
Sand Dune
Tarascon,France - Moonlit night
Sand Ripples
Rocks Underwater
Sand Waves
Autumn Forest
Desert Pond
World Landmarks
Fountain Detail
Salzburg, Austria
Fisherman's Wharf, California
The Pittsburgh Skyline
Zuiderkerk Spire
Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Aerial of the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Mark Twain's Boyhood House

Urban Scenes
Lake Beauty
Aerial View of Skyscrapers
Skyline with Moon
Imported Cars
Desert River
Dancers In Pink Between The Scenes
Fine Art
The Little Louise
Lady Of Shallot
Peasant 2
Still Life With Lizard
Portrait Of Maria De 'Medici, Queen Of France
Portrait Of Aline Charigot (Madame Renoir)
The Jewess
Woman In A Black Boa
Culture and Objects
Jewelry Box
Light Bulb
Artist's Figure and an Hourglass
Corfe Castle Ruins

Music and Instruments
Closeup of Drumhead
Musical Notes
Electric Guitar and Blurred Fingers
Closeup of Rose on Piano Keys
The Music Lesson
Headphones and CD
Space and Astronomy
Earth's Moon
YF-12 in flight at sunset
Saturn's Rings
Galaxy in Coma Berenices
Earth from Space
Earth from Space
Dust Plume over the Red Sea
People and Holidays
Queen with Prince
Chicago at night
Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC with water in background
Walking the Plank
Traffic on Busy Times Square Street
Prince Vittorio Emanuele

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